Why Go Green in 2019?

The short answer is, why aren’t we all? It’s 2019! There is a huge movement towards health and wellness, organic farming, clean eating, fitness and  ingredient education. It should follow then, that the skincare, makeup and hair care products you use, should be healthier too.  Green brands are eco-conscious, sustainable, chemical and cruelty-free.  Going green means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations” (Middletown Thrall Library)

A beautiful company which exemplifies this mandate and ethos is Vapour Beauty.   Vapour Beauty operates their own USDA Organic lab which adheres to meticulous standards for purity. Vapour products never contain toxic chemicals, parabens, phthalates or nanoparticles. In addition, none of the sourced raw ingredients are irradiated or animal-tested.  Each step within the process of creating these products are evaluated and then choices are made for the greatest environmental benefit. Vapour uses passive solar daylighting and wind power in its lab, offices and warehouse. They package solid products in aluminum and liquid products in glass which are both recyclable. Their lab uses a flood-fill system that reduces waste. Boxes are made from managed forest paper stock and printed with soy ink in a wind-powered facility.  All this is quite unbelievable but, the age old question is…does it work?

The answer is YES YES YES.  Green clean beauty products are rich in naturally produced and scientifically harnessed active ingredients.  Ingredients derived from plant stem cells, super-fruits, flowers, botanicals, seeds, nuts, marine complexes are incredibly effective in targeting specific skin concerns.  When vitamins, fruit acids, essential oils and peptides are produced from raw ingredients, the outcome is effective. Organic skincare and natural beauty products do not have any synthetic ingredients stopping them from doing the work they have been formulated to do. 

It can be daunting out there deciding which brands are actually ‘green’ and what are the most beneficial products to use for your specific skin concern.  Candice Ornstein, founder of sourceorganics.com , has spent many years testing products and educating herself on brands that will help create successful green beauty routines moving forward in 2019.


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