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Cleansing Melt

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Who doesn't love taking their makeup off after a long day? What about achieving smooth, hydrated skin in one step?

Delia Organics' Cleansing Melt is designed to help you limit your time in the washroom by naturally cleansing your skin! This Melt will work it's magic by emulsifying and gently lifting the dirt, debris and makeup off your skin.

With the light scent of Vanilla, you will feel a sense of calm!

  • Gently removes makeup, dirt, debris from your skin
  • Naturally cleanses your skin and leaves your skin hydrated
  • You will be left with smooth, glowing skin
  • Naturally scented with Vanilla Oil
  • Great for all skin types
  • Works wonders as a pre-cleanse treatment

Size: 100 ml / 4 oz glass jar


Apply a nickel to quarter-sized amount to your hand and rub together to warm the melt. massage in circular motion on your skin to help lift your makeup/dirt and debris. Massage for minimum five minutes, or until you feel your skin is clean. Remove the melt with a warm facial cloth, by gently rubbing to remove. Can also be used as a pre-cleanse and apply Dose of C Cleanser after for a deeper clean!


Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cherry Kernel Oil, Vanilla Oil