Exfoliating Mitt for Body
Exfoliating Mitt for Body
Exfoliating Mitt for Body
Exfoliating Mitt for Body
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Exfoliating Mitt for Body

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Lift away dead skin with Velvette Exfoliating Mitt for Body!

Unclog pores, remove tan lines, and scrub off dry flakes to uncover soft, supple, glowing skin! These gloves are the perfect way to prepare your skin for the ultimate absorption of your favourite moisturizers, such as Velvette Essential Body Oil, and tanning products!

For best results, replace every 10 weeks.

For body use only.
Good for dry skin, clogged pores, ingrown hair, keratosis pilaris, uneven tan lines and more!


1. Shower or bathe your skin for at least 10 minutes, making sure to not use any soaps or products yet.

2.Wet the glove and wring out excess water.

3. Move out of the water and scrub the body (not face) using firm pressure with an up and down motion. Dead skin may or may not roll off depending on the area of the body. Avoid any sensitive areas with open wounds or inflammation.

4. Apply soap and other bath products to continue cleansing your body.

5. Dry off and apply your favourite body oil or moisturizer!

6. Rinse your gloves, stretch into shape and hang dry. Wait at least 1-2 weeks before scrubbing again! For best results, replace your gloves after 10 weeks.



100% natural and biodegradable cellulose derived viscose, exclusive of trimming and ornamentation.