Pre-filled Teeth Whitening Tray-Refill-Oral Care-Source Organics
Pre-filled Teeth Whitening Tray-Refill-Oral Care-Source Organics
Dr. Brite

Pre-filled Teeth Whitening Tray-Refill

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+ dentist formulated 

+ professional results with just one use at a fraction of the cost

+ whiten tough stains on teeth without causing sensitivity or using any nasty, toxic chemicals.

Package comes with: 

  • 1 tray pre-filled with whitening serum for your convenient first use
  • 1 whitening syringe for one additional application
  • 1 shade guide
  • Vitamin E swabs to protect gums during treatment
  • trays last for 5 applications total

LED Tray Info (LED does not come with this package):

  • Soft, comfortable, medical grade BPA-free silicone tray
  • Blue LED activates whitening serum for faster results
  • Red LED soothes mouth with red light therapy


Step 1: Coat gums with Vitamin E 

Step 2: Insert LED whitening tray in mouth

Step 3: Show off your new brite smile

This package is perfect for those who are under 30 years old and want a quick teeth whitening boost.

Start with the pre-filled Dual LED Whitening Booster Tray for noticeably whiter teeth in just one 15-minute session.

Then after using a tray, follow up with the Teeth Whitening Pen to gently yet effectively whiten teeth daily while preventing future stains.

Repeat process until teeth are desired whiteness.

Noticeably whiter teeth in just one 15-minute application.


Food grade hydrogen peroxide, vegetable glycerin (soy free), purified water, organic coconut oil, xylitol, organic peppermint oil, organic spearmint oil, menthol, cellulose gum, organic neem extract, organic chammomile extract, organic cranberry seed extract, calcium ascorbate (non-acidic vitamin c), carbomer