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All Type:A products are crafted with safe, clean ingredients and are thoroughly screened for safety. All ingredients are listed including scent ingredients because you should know what you're putting on your body.

Less is more with power-packed ingredients with purpose. 

Type A does NOT stop you from sweating, however, their formula is sweat-activated and time released to continue keeping you feeling fresh.

After years (or decades) of having your sweat ducts plugged up by the aluminum salts in antiperspirants, your body needs to recalibrate and get used to sweating again. But, don't worry, Type:A is here to keep you protected during the transition!

During this 'detox period', which typically lasts about 2 weeks - you may find yourself sweating more and notice a different, pungent odour from your sweat. Be consistent and try not to revert back to your old antiperspirant during the detox, as it will make it harder for your body to fully adjust. The good news is that once the transition is complete, many people have attested to sweating less overall!