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Co-Founders of Velvette Organics, Jenny and Joyce Tse, have created a luxurious but simple system of oil blends for all our skincare needs. 

The focus is on the characteristics of each oil and their benefits. Many people are worried that by using oils on their skin and hair, they will feel sticky, greasy, and end up with clogged pores. There are thousands of incredible plant oils in the world, all with different textures, properties and benefits! By choosing the right ones, they will have just the right texture, sink in fast, and leave your skin and hair soft and hydrated. It all depends on the types of oil in the formula, as not all oils are created equal!

By just using plant oils; the effect of moisturizer is concentrated, harmful chemicals like emulsifiers and preservatives are eliminated and environmental waste from excess packaging is reduced.

*Ethically produced in Canada