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Ottawa has hints of maple and Canadiana

These double tightly braided cotton wicks  are saturated in wax to ensure a slow and calibrated burn.

All ingredients are sustainably grown in North America, without the use of pesticides. 

The purest raw ingredients and all candles are free of parabens, phosphates, phthalates and dyes. 

%100 soybean wax is vegan, kosher, biodegradable and melts at a lower temperature not typical of other types of wax.

the combination of a low melting temperature and naturally derived ingredients emits a clean, soot-free burn

Burn Time 50 + hours 

    Size: 8oz | 227g


    • light both wicks for every use. 

    • the first light should be long enough to melt the top layer of wax to the edge of the tin. doing so will prevent the candle’s wax from tunneling and provide the longest burn time. 

    • trim each wick to 1/4” (0.6 cm) before relighting to yield a clean, soot-free burn.  

    post burn, replace the lid to preserve the candle’s scent and prevent the wax from collecting dust.

    frosting is a crystal formation that appears on the surface of plant-based candle wax. it indicates the wax is organic and does not contain additives or stabilizers.  

    Every candle is unique and nuanced, as it was created entirely by hand.