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A natural nail polish that is non-toxic, odorless, and hypoallergenic. Better than 3 Free, better than 5 Free, SOPHi’s advanced water-based formula provides a safer alternative to chemical-laden solvent-based polish.

For maximum durability, SOPHi’s PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System is a must. This revolutionary Primer + Sealer in-one is a must-have for chip resistance, and the Shine Topcoat offers additional scratch resistance. When applied with SOPHi’s 4 step system (Prime, Color, Shine, Seal), this water-based formula easily competes with standard nail polish durability.

Great For Adults Too!!

Size: 15 ml /.5 oz


1. Apply a think layer of prime + Seal to clean nails and let dry.

2. Apply a thin layer, let dry and repeat

3. Apply the Shine Top Coat, let dry

4. Apply Prime +Seal and to tips of nails.

Drying is best used with a blow dryer as polish are water-base.


Water, Acrylates copolymer, Neem Oil May also contain the following colorants (depending on shade): Red 7, Red 34, Red 28, Red 17,…